A bit about me...athlete turned coach!

Everyone's fitness journey starts somewhere.  Mine started many years ago as a young martial artist and amateur boxer. Whilst I'm a 4th Dan Black Belt in karate my competitive fighting days are now long behind me.  These days my fight is with fitness mediocrity rather than my opponents.  And having had some of the best martial arts and boxing coaching in the country, I know how critical the role of coach is to guiding and mentoring an athlete to achieve their potential, whatever their goals are.  This is what inspired me to go from athlete to coach!  To help all my clients achieve their full fitness potential and nutrition goals.



And as a Level 3 Personal Trainer & Certified PN1 Nutrition Coach, my overriding goal is to guide my clients towards achieving the results that they desire in the quickest time possible. Results that are not only outstanding, but sustainable over the long term.  That, for me, is the true measure of success.  Over the years I've tested so many different forms of training, reviewing performance and tweaking things to optimise results that deliver real body fat loss and muscle gain via an enjoyable and healthy approach, becoming fitter, leaner and stronger in the process.  And whilst I admire anyone who is making an effort to improve their health & fitness, it never fails to surprise me how so many people are investing a lot of their time and energy in training systems that fail to deliver the results that they truly want and deserve,  Whether that is fat loss, adding lean muscle, or just becoming fitter, healthier and more athletic.  Sadly, unless you find a system that works with your body and goals, and you are consistent in its application, then all your hard work could be in vain.