Good Nutrition is a science, not a "belief" system


Have you ever wondered how some people manage to stay in great shape all year round?  They never seem to struggle with the ups and downs of dieting.  You know what I mean...losing the weight, then shortly after gaining it all back, only having to restrict yourself all over again for weeks on end to repeat the dieting process.  Does it never end?  This is the frustrating and vicious cycle of feast and famine, that unfortunately, every dieter knows only too well.  So how do they manage to avoid this emotional rollercoaster that comes with dieting?  Just what is their secret?  


Well some of you might be thinking that this is just how things are, and that you just have to suck it up and get on with it.  Diets are a means to an end, a necessary evil to achieve your short-term goals.  You may also believe that those fortunate "so and so's", well they must be statistical outliers.   Just plain lucky, genetically gifted - how annoying!   Well, what if I told you, that in my experience, there is much more to how these "lucky, flat-stomached" people approach their nutrition than meets the naked eye.  A heck of a lot more! 

I've found that their so called "luck" is actually a series of healthy habits working in harmony with their bodies.  They are never "on a diet".  They love what they eat and how it makes them feel and look.  They don't deprive themselves food and they thrive on a healthy  lifestyle that supports their goals.  They don't think short-term, making sacrifices to get what they want.  They use a sustainable, practice-based approach to build healthy habits into their  life, one day at a time. Habits that are founded  on research-based methods that work for men & women of all shapes, sizes, age and lifestyles.   People just like you!  People who have tried so hard to lose weight, only to fail, searching out every fad-diet they can find in the hope that it will be different this time.  But sadly it never is. 

So, let's get back to luck.  Take it from me, these people are not lucky.  They are consistent in choosing actions that fit with their goals and doing them well, following a process that eventually becomes habit.  You might even say that they make their own luck!

If this dieting story sounds all too familiar, and if you are ready to say NO to perennial dieting, NO to ridiculous, energy sapping and  time-consuming workouts.  NO to the emotional rollercoaster of feast and famine.  NO to fad-diets and all the harm that comes with them.  Then it's probably time to say YES to Nutrition Coaching, as this could well be exactly what you have been searching for all this time.


Only with Nutrition Coaching can I personally coach you to improve your understanding of nutrition and help you develop the very lifestyle habits that will result in major changes in your body composition. Not only will you lose the weight you want, but you will also build muscle, improve your health, and boost your confidence. If you want to get into the shape of your life, by NOT GOING ON A DIET, but by building sustainable, long-term habits that will achieve and maintain your weight loss and fitness goals for years to come, then just get in touch. 

Meal Plans Vs Nutrition Coaching


As your certified nutrition coach, I can tell you that the best diet is not a diet at all.  Its really a way of approaching your nutrition that is enjoyable, health promoting and sustainable, day after day, year after year.  It is 100% specific to you and your individual preferences.  And you will only ever find it when you learn how well your body responds to proper nutrition and lifestyle habits on a consistent basis.  I would love to share my thoughts on healthy eating with you, coaching you via an outcome based approach, tailored to your preferences and specific circumstances.  I will teach you how to focus on process, by identifying skills, practices and daily actions that will take you forwards to reach your goals.  This coaching system, developed by experts at Precision Nutrition, whilst helping 100,000 clients worldwide, will provide you with the nutrition and lifestyle habits for sustainable weight loss, muscle gain and body recomposition. 



And depending on your specific goals and timescales, we'll calculate your caloric requirements and macronutrient ratios, leaving nothing to chance.  Together, we will identify foods that you find tasty and satiating, where I'll teach you simple methods to track portion sizes to avoid "over", or even "under" consumption.  But I have to say, when you make the switch to healthier, less processed, wholefood choices, you will be amazed by how much food you can, and need to eat, in order to bring about your desired body transformation. 


So whether you want to drop fat, add lean muscle, or both, when making wholefood choices and adopting sustainable habits, you will not go hungry.  And yes there will be scope for the occasional treat, or two, I promise!  Maybe even a glass of wine, a G&T, or perhaps a cold beer if that is your desire.  We don't have to be 100% perfect, just consistent, and it's inevitable that great  results will follow.

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