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Just like you, no doubt, I have an incredibly busy schedule.   I simply do not have the luxury of time to spend hour upon hour working out.  And quite frankly, as I've got older, I've learnt that my body doesn't respond the way it used to to long gruelling sessions, forget recovering from them!.  As a young martial artist I thrived on that sort of training, but that was a very long time ago! 


So these days I train smart and without distraction, only training those exercises that deliver the best results in line with my goals, focusing on getting stronger to add muscle and melt fat.   And when I'm not training I'm prioritising my recovery, and enjoying my time away from the gym, without guilt.  Training this way is so rewarding and enjoyable that I love every second of it.  And so if your current fitness regime does not involve getting stronger with the use of free weights and the occasional puff of chalk, then you are simply not maximising the return on your efforts. 

To maximise results in minimum time, I will design your workouts to be short in duration, but high in intensity.  Whilst you will be walking briskly every day, you will only train on 3 days each week, but you will go all in and train full body, getting progressively stronger from workout to workout, adding lean mass, increasing your metabolic rate and burning more calories.  The result...a leaner, fitter looking body that requires more  calories, not less, to sustain it.  So I do hope you have a big appetite!  After years of testing different approaches, this is exactly how I train myself.  In my experience this is the most effective and sustainable approach to developing and maintaining an aesthetic body, every single day, year after year...even in my late forties.  And if I can do can too.

Forget hours of mind-numbing steady state aerobic exercise, and forget overly complicated training systems that leave you ravenously hungry after the workout.  You'll find that you only increase your calories consumed after exercise to compensate for what you burned off during, And guess may even leave you no better off in terms of leanness and body composition.  That is because your net energy balance will be unchanged, despite all your efforts, discipline and hard work.

So instead, we need to get stronger on the compound lifts, with good form and high intensity.  This is how we add lean mass, fire up our metabolism, and burn body fat.  It really is that simple, just be consistent in your training and you will be amazed at the results. And no, you don't need to worry that you will look like a massive bodybuilder using this approach.   Whether you are male or female, this system is about becoming athletic and functional, with a strong tight core and well proportioned densely aesthetic muscle groups, not becoming stiff, bulky and bloated. 

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