Helping you find your fitness...fast!


I work with clients who are busy professionals & business owners who often have to juggle their time commitments with busy family lives.  My clients simply do not have the luxury of time to spend hour upon hour working out.  And quite frankly, as we get older, especially  over 40, less is often more when it comes to training.


So my clients train smart and without distraction, only training those exercises that deliver the best results in line with their goals, focusing on getting stronger to add muscle and melt fat.   And when not training we prioritise recovery, enjoying time away from the gym, without guilt.  Training this way is so rewarding and enjoyable that you will love every second of it.  And so if your current fitness regime has you spending hours in the gym, with little to show for it, just get in touch to find out how I can help you achieve the results you deserve.