In addition to designing you a bespoke training programme that will guide you to achieving your goals, I will be at the other end of my computer to coach you along your fitness journey.  Via weekly video calls, regular messages  and emails, I will ensure that your technique is on point, and your progress is on track.   I will review your individualised training programme with you every month and we will make any required adjustments to ensure that you are being sufficiently challenged and making continuous progress.   

To ensure the optimum progress is achieved, I also provide online nutrition coaching for my PT clients, with a detailed nutrition plan.  My coaching will help you build the healthy nutrition habits that will result in sustainable weight loss (and/or muscle gain) completely in line with your goals. You will gain a valuable insight into nutrition, including how it affects your body composition, energy levels, performance and general health & wellbeing.  This process ensures you are always in control, eating the foods you enjoy, armed with the nutrition knowledge, skills and practices to ensure your ongoing success.  This is not a short diet plan that you will inevitably fail to stick to.  This is learning to eat for the rest of your life!  How cool is that?


With 1-2-1 Personal Training & Nutrition coaching at your preferred location I will personally supervise your progress and technique, coaching each session to ensure that you get the maximum results in the shortest time possible, whatever your health & fitness goals.  I will carefully fine tune your progress along the way, adapting the programme in response to how your body responds, helping avoid any training or weight loss/gain plateaus. I will be working you hard during these sessions, and you will have to commit 100% to the programme, but you will thank me when you see the results!



"Couples who train together, stay together!"  That's how the saying goes, and not only that, but in my experience, those couples also make excellent fitness gains together. This is because couples push each other to reach new fitness levels.  They keep each other honest on their nutrition plan, and most importantly, they motivate each other, inside and outside the gym.  Good fitness and nutrition habits are easier to establish and sustain when you have a dedicated training partner, and that is what fitness couples are - the ultimate training partners!   So if you and your partner want to get in the best shape of of lives, maybe for a holiday, a special occasion, or even to look your best on your wedding day, then give couples fitness and/or nutrition coaching a thought.

My approach is to design you a tailor-made training programme that is informed by real client-centred consultation.  I believe this is far more effective and promotes greater programme adherence.  So whether you are looking for some fitness & nutrition consultancy advice, or maybe some online coaching, or perhaps 121 in person coaching, I can help.  Just complete this short initial questionnaire and  I will do the rest.  

Everyone is completely unique.  Don't you agree?  We all have specific goals, fitness backgrounds, history of injuries, exercise preferences, and of course starting points.   And so I've never quite understood, with so many variables at play, why anyone would settle for a generic training programme.  That's not to say that generic programmes do not work or can't offer some value, but individualised programmes are far superior at achieving your specific goals in the shortest time possible. 




Fitness & Nutrition Consultancy - £35/hour

Individualised Training & Nutrition Plan - £50

Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching - £100 per month.

In-person 121 Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching  (10 session block) -  £350

In-person "Couples" Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching (10 session block) -  £500

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